Don’t Let The Bad Press Scare You From Making Your Own Ice Cream

Nothing quite brings you back to your youth like a sweet bowl of your favorite ice cream on a hot day. With the recent outbreak of listeria that has lead to a significant recall of store bought ice cream, more people have started to look for alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth. One option that is gaining steam is getting a home ice cream machine where you control the ingredients and have a better eye on food safety. If you love ice cream but the latest news surrounding some of the more popular brands has scared you, then making your own frozen desserts may be something worth pursuing. This might just be the perfect opportunity to discover the joy that making ice cream in your own kitchen can give you and your entire family, especially the kids.

It used to be that making your own ice cream was a labor intensive chore that required a lot of ice and salt. However, those days are over and today’s home machines are super simple to operate, usually just a push of a button, and they do not require anything more than putting the mixing bowl in the freezer before using. Some of the higher end models do not even require that as they come equipped with their own compressor for added convenience. It is probably easier than you think, and with summer just around the corner, now would be an opportune time to look into what one of these machines can provide you.

Ice Cream Machines Worth Considering

Making your own desserts has never been simpler and we have found that there is a wide variety of high quality options for you to choose from. We have looked and found that the latest home ice cream maker ratings all have a few things in common. First is that Cuisinart makes some of the top rated models in this market. They are relatively cheap depending on the features you want or need, and they produce great ice cream. Owner ratings for their ice cream machines are superb and you really cannot go wrong if you go in this direction. Below is a quick preview of some of the best rated home ice cream machines.

Cuisinart ICE 21

  • One button operation. It really does not get any easier than that.
  • Mixing bowl must be put in the freezer to get to the right temperature before use so you must plan ahead.
  • This unit is very affordable. It is simple, clean, and has very few parts. Perfect for those who want hassle-free appliances.

Cuisinart ICE 100

  • Higher end model that has its own compressor. This means that you do not have to freeze the bowl first and can make ice cream whenever you get a craving. The Cuisnart ICE 100 is their most expensive ice cream maker due to this feature.
  • Its added convenience comes with a higher price tag so this is not going to appeal to anyone on a tight budget. Worth it if you can afford it.
  • Makes great gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet as well. If you put the effort into experimentation you can really get a lot of of this machine.

Other Machines That Users Like

Cuisinart is not the only game in town. Breville also has an ice cream maker that stands out. For those that are feeling nostalgic, there are machines that have old school looks mixed with modern technology.

Breville Smart Scoop

  • Modern dessert machine with LED display, easy to use modes and sleek styling.
  • This unit also has its own compressor for the ultimate convenience.
  • Very high end with a high end price tag. Definitely not something for a casual ice cream fan. You will probably have to be a serious connoisseur to spend this kind of money for an ice cream maker, although it can produce other frozen delights as well.

White Mountain Appalachian

  • Outside looks like an old fashioned ice cream maker which is fashioned out of wood and looks like a barrel. Extremely unique look that turns heads.
  • Modern motor and controls for automatic operation. Best of both worlds that is a great alternative to a standard looking small kitchen appliance.

Fun For The Entire Family

It is hard to have a bad time while you are eating ice cream and purchasing your very own machine is a great way to bring the entire family together. It is something that can get kids to look up from their phones and stop texting for a few minutes. Better yet, you control what goes into it. There are ways to make ice cream healthy, although we have no real interest in trying them. I mean, ice cream is supposed to be decadent and you are supposed to indulge yourself right? So in today’s landscape of bacterial outbreaks found in some big name brands, it is a great time to try something different, safe, and delicious.